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C2X Tech can assist companies in making the most of cloud-native capabilities to acquire the highest level of velocity, flexibility, and DevOps effectiveness to reap the maximum advantages of cloud-native settings with amazon web services in cloud computing

We Are The Top-Notch Service Provider For Cloud Computing Projects

To enable businesses to take full advantage of digitization, it is essential to implement cloud computing solutions. As one of the leading and biggest cloud providers in India and the USA, C2X provides comprehensive cloud computing services and models to companies across the globe.

Our reliable cloud and managed services control your cloud-enabled applications and IT infrastructure, allowing you to select from various models, sizes, and ownership options with competitive AWS cloud computing pricing.

Our experienced professionals are proficient in many clouds computing platforms, including hybrid, multi-cloud, private, and public models. We are renowned for offering the best cloud computing services in India and the USA, ranging from consulting to dynamic cloud deployment, migration and integration, cloud support, and more.

Utilize our AWS services in cloud computing to obtain optimal cloud performance, flexibility, security, and strategic value.

Why Do Businesses Today Need Websites?

Organizations are striving to ensure their success by recruiting highly skilled personnel, building reliable infrastructure, and having the capacity to develop top-tier applications to simplify complicated business processes with Azure compute services.

To keep up in the technology-focused economy, they must implement cutting-edge cloud computing services for automated provisioning, testing, and deployment.

Businesses are using the software more than ever to set themselves apart from competitors, and as a result, migrating applications into the cloud to benefit from its convenience and speed.

Advanced firms like C2X Tech are the cheapest cloud provider that have invested in modern cloud-native software have observed promising results in terms of velocity and expansion. We are helping companies of all sizes build and deploy cloud-native applications to unlock real business value and gain a competitive edge.

Our Range Of Services For Cloud Computing Projects

Our cloud computing as a service help business boost their security and speed up performance in their applications and tools.


Cloud Designing and Architecture

Cloud architecture and design services that utilize databases, software applications, and other elements to make the most of cloud computing capabilities.


Cloud Application Development

Custom cloud app development services encompass the design, building, and deployment of cloud-enabled apps and as-is (Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service) platforms.

We are among the cloud computing companies offering dependable cloud application development services aim to provide DevOps and Agile methodologies to create a personalized, time-efficient development process to quickly deliver an optimal solution to the market.


Cloud Integration Services

We are cloud computing hosting providers to create a secure and efficient data-sharing system with no extra data repositories. Our services, designed for all SaaS, PaaS, and PaaS models and powerful cloud platforms, enable a consistent user experience across all networks.


Cloud Consultation Services

We are the cloud managed service provider who help with consulting services will help to boost performance, enhance scalability, cut costs, and simplify processes.

We are among the best cloud computing solution companies with specialists will work with you to analyse your IT infrastructure and applications, develop a customized strategy, and assist with deployment, optimization, and developing a roadmap for the current and future state.


Cloud Migration Services

We are the first first cloud computing company offering cloud consulting services are designed to help increase output, increase capability, reduce outlay, and simplify things.

Our experts will work with you to evaluate your technology and applications, construct a tailored strategy, and help activate, perfect, and map out a path for the present and potential circumstances with our top-notch Microsoft azure cloud computing.


On-Demand Cloud Services

We are the cloud computing providers offering independent cloud computing services tailored to your needs. Our cloud computing consultants and experts can provide you with advice, manage and maintain your cloud computing infrastructure, and offer additional on-demand services such as risk management, data governance, and cloud data management at competitive prices.

Additional Services We Offer

C2X is one of the leading cloud computing services companies providing increased protection and improved business speed when running applications and using tools.

CD/CI Pipeline

Our team helps in Setting up a process of automatically merging code into a shared repository using CI/CD tools.

Security Monitoring And Management

Our Cloud security management and monitoring services can provide critical protection against cyber threats. These services can help to identify potential weaknesses, monitor suspicious activity, and deploy effective defenses.

Microservice Development

We are the cloud computing vendors who help to create a standardized API framework that enables the quick creation and deployment of software products and the integration of reputable third parties.

Why C2X?

Top Reasons to Work with Us


C2X Tech is one of the largest cloud computing companies who assist organizations to promptly adjust, reformulate, and expand to satisfy the market's evolving needs. Our proficient cloud developers and engineers exploit these Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services to provide solutions.

  • We use agile development techniques; we can create incremental, repeatable deployments.
  • Our team facilitates rapid implementation by deploying in smaller segments with Microsoft cloud computing services.
  • We offer assessments that utilize plain language to monitor system performance alterations and enable business test automation.
  • We employ agile development techniques as a private cloud provider to achieve incremental, iterative releases.

At C2X Tech as a public cloud provider, we equip you with top-notch experts to facilitate the transition of aging programs to cloud-based designs. We integrate sophisticated automation and contemporary cloud computing approaches to minimize time-to-market and improve organizational agility.

Additionally, our services offered by cloud computing with cloud engineering abilities and proficiency in Java technology help to construct APIs, microservices, and serverless structures that can manage high and varied levels of traffic on cloud platforms.

Numerous industries we cater to

C2X Tech as a cloud service provider in cloud computing has a well-established history of delivering robust cloud computing solutions to various industries.

  • Automotive

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Fitness

  • Sports

  • Real Estate

  • Education / eLearning

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Logistics & Distribution

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Food &

  • Social

  • Banking &

  • Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services provided by cloud computing employs virtualization to facilitate remote hardware, operating systems, storage, and infrastructure use. It allows companies to provide a standard version of applications to all customers, which helps increase efficiency and flexibility.
Additionally, a pay-per-utilization structure can be set up as part of a utility model- through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).
It will take roughly 3-5 days for the payment to be processed and the start date to be scheduled.
We are the top cloud computing companies offering cloud-native development services are comprehensive and provide end-to-end solutions throughout each development lifecycle phase. Our initial engagement consists of carefully evaluating your business objectives and designing a blueprint for developing your project.
We provide support during the planning, development, and deployment stages and can also help with licensing, secure policy configuration, custom tool development, and management processes.
You can hire a developer as an offshore employee to fulfil your current or multiple project requirements. This arrangement allows them to work wherever they choose while allowing you to communicate with them as needed. It can be an economical choice as it prevents the cost of finding and employing a full-time in-house resource.
We take comprehensive precautions to protect your data and guard against cyberattacks on your infrastructure. Our cloud experts implement IAM(Identity and Access Management) solutions tailored to your specific business needs and also incorporate advanced safety measures such as Threat Intelligence, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).
Additionally, we conduct rigorous vulnerability and penetration testing to guarantee that your core services are sound. Furthermore, we apply micro-segmentation to divide, migrate, and manage your workloads under separate security protocols.