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C2X Technologies is one of the best and top React Native development companies based in USA, and India. With domain knowledge and technical expertise, we help different software companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and midsize businesses, and enterprises overcome challenges by driving innovation and bringing growth with React Native.

Being one of the most reliable React Native consulting companies, C2X Technologies is specialized in providing top-notch and out-of-the-box React Native app development services. With a team of skilled developers with years of experience, we can build high-performing and feature-rich apps with the latest technologies and great practices.

React Native has emerged for developing different cross-platform mobile applications, and putting an end to old-age concepts of mobile apps. Being an open-source network, React Native is used to deploy the best app solutions for various industries. Our developers can create the best React Native apps by using the combination of React Native and Native code.

Our team is extremely skilled at utilizing cutting-edge technologies and methods to build an excellent mobile app, regardless of its complexity. Being the best React app development company, we make it a point to write code in JavaScript and render it using native code. We leverage the best features and technology to create the best cross-platform mobile apps.

Major Advantages of React Native App Development

Single Codebase based on JavaScript is used for building mobile and web apps, which makes it more reliable for cross platform app development.

Modular Architecture consists of insightful modules, which speed up the React Native app development process and simplify upgrade and update processes.

Hot Reloading and Live Reloading make it easier to edit an existing code and preview changes without the need to manually compile or load code again.

Inbuilt Components available in libraries help to add frequently used features without the need for from scratch development.

React Native Development Company

We bring your ideas to life, whether you have identified a problem that needs to be solved or you have an idea that ignites a game changing mobile app that addresses all of your problems, our React Native development company in India, provides an ideal mobile app development solution. We are here to help you set up your project for success from the scratch. We create Android, iOS, web, and other apps with the help of the industry's finest React Native app programmers.

Our serverless computing, auto scaling, contemporary software and mobile app development method, design, and code review are of the best quality. Give us your specs and let us construct a path from idea to app validation utilizing our years of experience as a foremost React Native app development company. Being one of the best React Native development services companies, we create end to end dynamic cross platform apps and React Native solutions that let you meet success milestones. Our intuitive React Native application design and development services assist you to build a custom app, re-configure your existing applications, or completely migrate to React Native for improved UI/ UX, performance, and returns.

Top-Notch React Native Services That We Offer

Being a skilled React Native app development agency, we at C2X Technologies know the success of a mobile app depends on the design and how the processes are followed for making the design. With the aim to serve businesses as the best React Native agency, we collaborate to develop user-friendly, visually appealing designs and make sure to enhance the user experience.


Prototyping & Wire framing

If you need React Native development services, you can count on our team to transform your ideas into excellent digital apps. Using the wire framing method along with prototyping works as skeletons. The prototype method offers an enhanced and appealing visual treat that illustrates the whole method.


UI and UX Development

C2X Technologies offer the best-in-class React Native mobile app development services to develop a native platform with responsive components. These are customizable, flexible, easy to use, and tailor-made solutions. With a thorough assessment of projects, our team starts developing an app and ensures the best outcome.


On-site Support Model

Suppose you require on-site technical assistance or need to identify anything to modify any existing systems or by any chance. In that case, you need to migrate something from a legacy system, the on-site delivery from our top React Native app developers ends up getting your back. Our advanced on-site support allows businesses to grow.


API Integration

Being one of the top React Native app development companies, we can transform your business effortlessly with the advancement of API integration and development. It makes the whole method hassle-free and transforms the app development process. With the system of API integration, the migration process can be done easily to cloud-native or hybrid cloud environments.


Hybrid Model

The hybrid model is an excellent option for complex and long-term IT projects. If you need sophisticated product development solutions, you can opt for this. A react native development company like ours strives to help clients by bringing the ultimate solutions with cross-platform mobile apps that allow businesses to handle clients globally.


Payment Gateway Integration

As the React Native development cost is extremely reasonable with us, clients worldwide choose us. With hassle-free, advanced and excellent interface for speedy transaction performance makes the React Native apps extremely accessible. We test each step thoroughly to make sure there will be no technical glitches.

Get an Intuitive React Native App for Any Device



Wearable Device

Smart TV

Value Added Services

C2X Technologies is a genuine React native development agency with a long history of developing feature-rich business apps, we can deliver end-to-end services. Utilizing the full potential of React Native, we can bring the best solutions.

Full Cycle Product Development

From designing and developing to the maintenance parts, we offer complete and full-cycle React Native development services. This product development process is advanced and ideal to fulfill different objectives.

Code Audit

Having a team of experts, we always review and analyze the code quality, and our team ensures no issues with improving code performance. Our top React Native developers also ensure speed and stability with this.

Maintenance & Support

C2X Technologies, the best React Native app development company has years of experience and a proven track record for providing great React native support & maintenance. These services ensure the best and smooth functioning of different cross-platform Native applications.

React Native App Enhancement with Flexible Integrations

Our team of expert React Native developers aids enterprises to add much needed features with reliable integrations. Our popular integrations are listed hereunder:




Digital Automation

Payment Gateway



Social Media

Live Streaming (Audio/ video)


eLearning Apps

Chat Widget/ Chatbot

WHY CHOOSE C2X Technologies?

Top Reasons to Work with Us


C2X Technologies is a leading React Native application development company with extensive experience and Knowledge in creating leading apps. Having a group of skilled professionals and full-stack React Native developers, we always offer result-oriented business solutions and make customer-centric approaches according to business requirements.

We are committed to continuous innovation and curating perfect React Native cross-platform apps quickly to help businesses. Being the best React Native development firm, we can work to develop React Native applications and bring a native experience to provide scalable solutions to businesses.

We know how to turn out ideas into reality by applying the best techniques and strategies. Whether there is a need to resolve issues, a top react native development agency like ours have a clear concept of making game-changing apps. We can bring the best react native development solution and kick-start your projects towards success.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge and concept of the technology landscape
  • Focus on developing excellent Native-like app design
  • Error-Free development of applications
  • Excellent assistance from start to end
  • Completely satisfied global consumers
  • Transparent costs and genuine processes
  • 24/7 support and maintenance


Our React Native App Development Process

work process
  • Step 1

    Requirement Analysi:

    While developing a React Native App, we offer recommendations by brainstorming innovative ideas, understanding the necessary components, and ensuring the structure concerns.

  • Step 2


    For developing a brand new app or upgrading the existing one, we check the key indicators and ensure that it could meet all the levels in terms of appeal and usage.

  • Step 3


    As our experts have a deep understanding, we provide timely updates to the clients and start developing the deployment codes.

  • Step 4


    Quality assurance is must throughout the app development cycle and even after post development. Testing is performed to ensure the quality of the app.

  • Step 5


    Our team chooses the best platform that would be great for your business and also selects the best platform for the deployment of the app.

  • Step 6

    Support and Maintenance:

    After completing all the phases successfully, we offer complete support and maintenance. Additionally we continue upgrading and deploying the new versions whenever needed.

  • Technology Stack

    Frameworks React-Native-CLI Expo CLI
    UI Libraries NativeBase React Native Element React Native Paper React Native UI Kitten React Navigation Redux-Saga React Native Typescript React-Native-Fiber React-Native-Material-UI React-Native-Responsive-UI Lottie
    State Management React Native ReduxMobx/MSTReact HooksXstateZustandContext APIRecoil
    Database Async Storage SQLite Realm Firebase PostgreSQL MongoDBPouchDBCouchbase DB
    Graphical SketchFigmaAdobeCreative CloudInvisionVisily
    Tools Visual Studio Code XCode Gradle Android Studio React Native Debugger React NavigationNPM Native UI YARN Ignite NPM Packages Axios Redux-PersistSublimeWebstormReactronChrome Debugger ToolsFlipper
    Testing Tools JestEnzymeMocha DetoxAppiumBridgeBitbar
    Front end HTML5 CSS3 SASS Bootstrap
    Backend Ruby on Rails Python Node.js Django LaravelAsp.net
    Cloud AWS Azure FirebaseJenkinsBitriseGitLabBitbucket
    APIs RESTful GraphQL
    Development Methodology AgileScrumLean
    Upgrade Services 0.61 0.62 0.63 0.64 0.65 0.660.670.680.700.71

    Numerous Industries We Serve

    • Automotive

    • Healthcare

    • Retail

    • Fitness

    • Sports

    • Real Estate

    • Education / eLearning

    • Travel & Hospitality

    • Logistics & Distribution

    • Media & Entertainment

    • Food &

    • Social

    • Banking &

    • Stock

    Frequently Asked Questions

    React Native works as an excellent platform for software development. It works to develop great iOS and Android apps. Being an open-source framework, it is free and can be used flexibly. Existing resources like pre-built components and libraries make app development easy here. Top companies using React Native apps can easily get a trusted and excellent mobile app.
    React Native is an open-source and excellent framework that allows web developers to develop and create excellent applications using advanced JavaScript knowledge. The whole method of React Native assists in faster mobile development and works on the best code-sharing option on iOS, Android, and the Web. Here the end user's experience is ensured with great application quality.
    There is a vast range of React Native app development projects that can be done using the method of React Native. App like :-
    • Custom based apps
    • SaaS-based models
    • Different IoT apps
    • Various social networking apps
    • Communication apps
    Yes, it is possible to develop a mobile and web app with React Native. As the platform React Native is React Native offers a cross-platform app development framework, this method can be used for various app development processes and methods. Both Android and iOS apps can be made using React Native.